Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Testing for media studies on stairs

Lego stop motion test

Here we tested for stop motion with lego ,this was very easy to do as we kept the camera in one place and only moved the set , it was also very easy to keep the lego figure in the same place if we ever needed to stop shooting and start again another time. This was also very smooth and easy to do.

Laying stairs test stop motion

What we did her was test out the laying down position on the stairs with kiera and jack , i followed closely behind them with the camera and tripod to give the smooth effect and as if it was actually being videoed. I liked this one as it was smooth and the camera was well positioned.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

another problem...

As we were shooting our sequence with lego , we realized that we have gone off of the subject and genre completely and that lego had nothing to do with our idea, this problem was spotted by our teachers , leanne and shaun. As a result they showed us a music video that was made by a student a couple years ago in which also used stop motion , but instead of making backgrounds and using loads of materials and spotlights, it used the actual settings e.g Bed , shops , theatre... They asked us if we would like to do this idea and our group altogether made the decision of doing it. We have yet got to plan who's house to shoot it at , how to shoot in front of shops without any pedestrians and cars going past in the photos and we need to pick a someone to play the part who has the whole weekend free. And also who can do which days....


In The lesson we started to plan our lyrics for our music that was made on garageband and this became fairly successful , but we still need to find who to sing it. We could use one of the music students , shaun , kiera or myself.

Here are some of the lyrics we came up with;

Welcome to my world
in the place in which i stand
its full of thunder clouds
and the rain that just pours down

Welcome to my dream
not as impossible as it seems
i'll make it there somehow
just as no-one knocks me down

I wont let them take my place
I wont let them change my ways
this is where I know I  belong

How i wish i could escape
and see a brighter day
let the silver lining show
and make those bright lights know my name.

I dont think we need too many lyrics as we don't really want to give away the whole story in the title sequence.

scrapping the doll idea.

During the lesson we encountered a few problems. We have got rid  the whole idea of using a doll as last lesson it took me an hour to try and get the doll in the right position from where we took the last shot yet we still did not get it in the same position. We have changed idea to using lego, the reason we have chosen to use this is because every time we finish a shot we can leave the lego figure in the same position and we can leave everything where it is without worry about it moving.It will be easier to make backgrounds such as shops and the bedroom/bed.

   Today we also found that it would be a good idea to start booking the lamps that we need and also the camera, because going to get them before the lesson was not always a good plan, as sometimes the art department needed them for their own use.
   So as of today we have started booking  all of the equipment we needed  so that we know we have them for every single lesson. Also, as of the events today we are running  behind a fair bit, we have made a schedule to see what days we can stay back after school. We don't all have to stay back as we only need two people at a time. So we have changed around different days. 

not finished.

During the lesson in which jack had joined our group, Kiera and Sophie went off sight to film the very beginning of our film to add to the end of our title sequence whilst me and jack set up the spotlights  and settings waiting for the girls we had chosen to try out for the part of the little girl playing with the doll at the very beginning of our title sequence. We video d each girl deciding which one looked best for the part and here are the clips...